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E-ISSN: 2289-4489
Publisher: University of Malaya
The Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management (MOJEM) is an international, peer reviewed, open access electronic publication by the Department of Educational Management, Planning & Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. MOJEM serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, academic professionals, universities, and research organizations to raise key issues across disciplinary boundaries and facilitate sharing and exchanging views in the field of educational management, administration and leadership. The journal is published four times a year (January, April, July and October). Potential research manuscripts will be reviewed by the professional members of the MOJEM\'s  editorial board anonymously. The reviewing process usually takes four to eight weeks.

- ONLY Research papers which are based on  Research work will be considered for publication in MOJEM.

- All the submitted manuscripts will go through Turinit similarity checking,  prior to Review Process (Accepted Similarity  is less than 10%) .

- Issues related to races and ethnicity, religious, politics, discrimination of genders and the socio-political issues ARE NOT ALLOWED to published in MOJEM

Manuscripts should be submitted online [through http://e-journal.um.edu.my/journal-edit.php] as a word-processed file.

Aims & Scope

The Malaysian Journal of Educational Management is interested in features manuscripts concerning recent research and developments, professional issues, administrative and leadership concerns, and creative strategies and policies to improve educational management. MOJEM publishes original contributions on educational  management , administration and leadership in the widest sense: on the management planning, policy decisions, finance, human recourse development, organizational behavior, change management and alternatives in  schools as well as further and higher education institutions.  By promoting critical discussion on current innovations within these areas, the journal represents an excellent forum for highlighting the profile of educational management on both a national and international level. MOJEM covers the recent research and practices on key debates and controversies within the broad field of educational management planning and policy. The journal also blends the best of educational research and practice, making it a valuable resource for educators, management, policy makers, administrators, researchers, teachers, and post graduate students. Anyone in the profession of educational management may submit her/his manuscript(s) for publication consideration in MOJEM. All submission will be double-blind reviewe by at least two professional reviewers with expertise in the relevant areas . Articles may be contributed at any time for publication consideration.

Message from the Editor

The Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management (MOJEM) highlights the current issues in educational management, administration and leadership. MOJEM is an international, professional referred journal in the interdisciplinary fields sponsored by Department of Educational Management, Planning & policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya.  This journal serves as a platform for presenting and discussing the emerging issues on educational management for readers who share common interests in understanding the various aspects and developments of management, administration and leadership in educational setting. The journal is committed to providing access to quality researches ranging from original research, theoretical articles and concept papers in educational management. MOJEM provides a forum for scholarly reporting and discussion of key aspects of educational management in terms of teaching and learning, economics, politics, planning, decision making, and human resource development through sharing information between researchers ¬and scholars. To produce high quality journal, extensive effort has been put in selecting valuable researches that contribute to the journal.

MOJEM is publishing electronically four times a year. We welcome the original and qualified researches on all aspects of educational management in broad. Topics may include, but not limited to: critical perspectives on educational management , administration and leadership  and their  institutional development in all disciplines; human resource development strategies and policies, changes in the structure of educational organizations from management perspective and the changing roles of management and administration for the purpose of educational development and improvement; Impact of globalization in educational  management financial strategies and planning , administration and leadership  in schools and higher education.

As the editor of The Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management (MOJEM), it is a great pleasure to see the success of this journal publication. I would like to thank all the authors  for their contribution to the development of the journal.I also would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the associate editor , editorial/reviewers’ board, and researchers for their valuable contributions to make this journal a reality.

Dr. Simin Ghavifekr
January 2017

Last update: 29-03-2017